There are currently no supply outages on our South Australia network. To report an outage, or if you're unexpectedly without gas supply and want more information, please contact our Gas Supply Faults hotline on 1800 898 220. You can find information on our Covid-19 response at

Report a fault:  1800 898 220
Report a leak:  1800 GAS LEAK
General enquiries:  1300 001 001

Choosing natural gas has numerous advantages over other energy sources, such as electricity and LPG. 

Here are the top three reasons to make the switch to natural gas today

It's cheaper

Connecting to natural gas offers significant cost savings on your energy bill. In fact, it can be up to 40% cheaper to power your home using natural gas, rather than electricity. And as electricity prices continue to soar, natural gas is set to be the more affordable option for the foreseeable future. 

Plus, because the cost of natural gas per unit tends to decrease as consumption increases, the more gas appliances you install, the more you can save. 

It’s greener

In addition to being cheaper than electricity, natural gas is more sustainable and environmentally friendly, too. Currently, connecting to natural gas can lower your carbon emissions by up to 60% in SA and 76% in NSW, and if you use them in conjunction with renewable energy sources, like solar panels, expect to see an even greater reduction. 

We’re also working to blend biogas and zero-carbon hydrogen from renewable resources, so that natural gas produces even lower, or zero, carbon emissions in the future. This is part of our Gas Vision 2050 plan, which will support Australia’s wider energy targets and its bid to move away from coal fired electricity generation.

It’s more reliable

Any home that runs on electricity is susceptible to unexpected blackouts – particularly when temperatures soar during the summer months. 

Australia’s natural gas network, on the other hand, experiences, on average, just one unplanned outage every 40 years* – making it much more dependable than electricity.

And with natural gas connected, even if your home is affected by a blackout, you’ll still have access to the basics, like hot water and the stove top, so you can take a warm shower and cook a meal. 

We’re also introducing measures to make our network even more robust and reliable. Like our Mains Renewal Program (MRP) – a five-year initiative to replace old cast iron pipes, unprotected steel and PVC mains using polyethylene pipes for an even safer service.

Is your property in our network?

With a customer base of over 1 million customers, we are one of Australia's biggest distributors of natural gas. We operate natural gas networks in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, and South Australia - and we're still expanding.

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