There are currently no supply outages on our South Australia network.  To report an outage, or if you're unexpectedly without gas supply please contact our Gas Supply Faults hotline on 1800 898 220.

Report a fault:  1800 898 220
Report a leak:  1800 GAS LEAK
General enquiries:  1300 001 001

Gas mains renewal program

We want to ensure our customers receive a safe, secure and reliable gas supply so we're undertaking an extensive Mains Renewal Program (MRP) across Australia. Our five year pro-active program is currently in progress across networks in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland and involves replacing the old cast iron pipes and unprotected steel mains with polyethylene pipes.


How it works

The Mains Renewal Program (MRP) is a five year pro-active program across networks in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland and involves replacing the old cast iron pipes, unprotected steel and PVC mains using polyethylene pipes.

These works are necessary to ensure we continue to provide a safe, secure and reliable gas supply. They reduce the risks of gas leakages and water ingress associated with ageing infrastructure as well as increasing the operating pressure required to meet consumer demand.

The ‘insertion technique’ is being used to help minimise disruption. This involves inserting the new polyethylene pipe—a plastic material that's flexible and highly resistant to corrosion—inside the original main. Using this method means we won't need to dig up entire pipe trenches.


Works in your area

The widget below shows the works we have underway or planned for the future.

To find out more about the work happening in your area:

1. Select your State and City/Region by clicking the drop-down arrows within the boxes labelled 'Queensland' and 'Brisbane North'.

2. From the list of projects that appears, select your area as indicated by the reference numbers (the reference number for your area can be found in the notification letter we sent you in the mail).

3. On selecting the project happening in your area you will find a map specifying the location of our work plus, more information if you need to contact us to ask questions or provide feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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  • How do you choose which areas to do?
  • Why do you have to dig up roads/footpaths/nature strips - isn't there a better alternative?
  • Who will restore my supply?
  • I am a tenant at the property; do I need to do anything?
  • I'm happy with the works and would like to pass on my feedback, who do I talk to?
  • I'm not happy with the works, how do I make a complaint?
  • Where can I get more information?
  • I don't have gas at the moment, how do I connect?
  • Who is Australian Gas Networks Ltd / APA Group?

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