There are currently no supply outages on our South Australia network. To report an outage, or if you're unexpectedly without gas supply and want more information, please contact our Gas Supply Faults hotline on 1800 898 220. You can find information on our Covid-19 response here

Report a fault:  1800 898 220
Report a leak:  1800 GAS LEAK
General enquiries:  1300 001 001

Commercial cooking

Natural gas ovens, ranges, fryers and steamers are a must-have for professional chefs in many commercial and retail kitchens, with good reason. Precise heat control and instant heat make them well suited for the demands of busy restaurants and cafes. Benefits include:

  • ­the ability to run a number of different cooking appliances using the same fuel source
  • ­ideal for all areas of the food service industry - from restaurants, cafes and catering businesses to accommodation venues and hospitals
  • economical fuel for large scale food preparation

To find out how natural gas for commercial cooking can help your business, call our team on 1300 001 001 (contact hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm AEST) or contact us.